Pearlescent paint is a type of top coat interior effect paint such as metallic paint and glitter paint and takes its name from the pearlescent pigments it contains.


Before starting the application of pearlescent paint, the surface preparation should be completed. The wall on which the paint will be applied must be smooth and clean. Putty or sandpaper can be applied according to the structure of the wall and then primer paint can be applied. Pearlescent paint is the top coat finishing paint. It is recommended that the undercoat or primer be water-based. When the paint box is first opened, the paint should be mixed thoroughly with the help of a spatula. Since pearlescent paint has a dense consistency, it must be mixed and homogeneous. If the person who will paint is not experienced in this field, he should definitely try on a small surface and get his hand used to painting and creating patterns. A floor cover can be used to prevent the paint from splashing around, and masking tape to paint without crossing the border. The application method and the application tool to be used vary according to how you want to apply the pearlescent paint. If the effect will not be given, only pearlescent paint will be applied and left to dry, the paint should be applied from top to bottom with the help of a roller or brush and the brush should not be moved back and forth. Otherwise, the texture of the paint will deteriorate and a homogeneous image cannot be provided. A dry surface with plain paint can be patterned with pearlescent paint with different or the same color. An effect buffer or sponge can be used to do this. In addition, after applying pearlescent paint, it is another type of pearlescent paint application to pass over it with an effect buffer or sponge while the paint is still wet. In this method, two people can work together to apply on large surfaces. While one person is applying the paint, the other person can shape it with a sponge or effect buffer before the paint dries.

It is applied as a topcoat paint on decorative products following surface preparation, suitable for use on walls, plaster, coarse concrete, and timber surfaces.


Prismatic Pearlescent Effect Topcoat Paint


It can be used for decorative and protective purposes on all kinds of surfaces such as wooden, wall, concrete panels, and satin plaster regardless of old painted or newly painted surfaces.