Terms of Use

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Terms of Use and Confidentiality


These confidentiality principles have been prepared by Sandeco LLC in order to determine their responsibilities regarding confidentiality. The following articles contain the rules of information collection and distribution processes on the www.sandeco.com.tr website. The rules for people visiting this website are explained in these Terms of Use.

Terms of Use for Visitors

This website belongs to Sandeco LLC and is managed by Sandeco LLC. When you visit the said Sandeco LLC websites, you should review the terms of use announced there. The legal rights provided in all material on this site are held by Sandeco LLC.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

It is permitted to copy the information published on the site for your personal non-commercial use only, without any commercial purpose.

Restrictions on Use:

  • No material other than those specified herein can be copied, reproduced, distributed, displayed, uploaded, replayed, non-replayed, transmitted via the transmitter, included but not restricted, recorded by electronic mechanical photocopying or reproduced in any other way.
  • The materials on this site may only be allowed to display, copy, distribution or upload for personal non-commercial use, and if you are the legal owner of all legal and other personal notes for the materials. However, all of these copies you receive will bear the same rights of copyright and other proprietary warnings and liability waivers contained in this Web Site and contained in that material.

Authorized Use:

The materials on this website cannot be interpreted as implicitly creating any legal obstacle or as giving any patent or trademark right or license of Sandeco LLC or a third party. Except for the cases clearly stated above, no material contained herein can be interpreted as granting a license or right under any Sandeco LLC copyright.

Third-Party Brands:

When quoting brands and service signs owned or licensed by Sandeco LLC, it is obligatory to indicate the name of Sandeco LLC in this quote. Sandeco LLC does not claim any ownership or affinity for third party brands on this Website. Such third-party brands are only used to identify the original owners of products and services, and it should not be understood that Sandeco LLC sponsors or approves these brands from the use of these brands. A viewer who responds to any published Sandeco LLC document with questions, comments, suggestions or similar feedback regarding the content of the document accepts that this information will not be treated as confidential information.

Rights to User-Submitted Information:

Sandeco LLC will not have any liability for such information and has the unlimited right to produce, use, explain and distribute the information to others. Any idea contained in such information, concept know-how or technique can be used by us for any purpose. We may use this information including, but not limited to, developing a product containing this information and marketing it.