San Deco Microcement Solution


Inside and Outside; It can be easily applied on floors, walls, stairs, facades, kitchens, bathrooms and furniture thanks to its excellent adhesion.


San Deco Microcement is a smooth cement-based polymer coating system designed for both indoor and outdoor applications on floors and wall surfaces. With a minimal thickness of 1-2 mm, it boasts exceptional adhesion properties, allowing it to adhere seamlessly to various surfaces. This makes it an ideal choice for renovation projects, offering a rapid transformation without the need to remove existing materials.

-With minimal Thickness (1-2 mm) provides a sleek and contemporary finish.

-Bonds effectively to a wide range of surfaces, including cement, concrete, plastic, marble, drywall, and even smooth ceramic surfaces.

-The manual application process imparts a unique and distinctive character to each coating.

-Ideal for fast-track renovation projects, eliminating the need for surface removal.

-Minimizes project duration, debris, and the need for building permits.

-Ensures hassle-free maintenance and upkeep.

-Easy to clean.