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Before starting your painting process, make sure the surface to be painted is clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, and scaling paint. If there is any scaling paint on the surface, fix the errors with the help of a spatula. Then, sand these areas to achieve a smooth surface and remove the dust by using a dry cloth or dusting tassel. After removing the dust, use Acrylic Putty Interior as a single coat to level the surface.

Although the application materials to be used in our effect group products vary depending on the product, generally used tools are rollers, brushes, stainless steel or plastic trowels, spatulas, and special application tools to create patterns. Please see the technical bulletins of the relevant product for materials you need for the application.

You can apply effect paint on the wallpaper in two ways.

If your wallpaper is not paintable:
The wallpaper on the surface and the adhesive marks remaining from the wallpaper must be completely cleaned from the wall. After the surface is cleaned of all kinds of residue and dirt, smooth the surface using San Deco Acrylic Putty Interior as a single coat. After it dries, you can apply the desired effect paint by complying with the necessary instructions.

If your wallpaper is paintable:
You can apply the paint by complying with the necessary instructions.

During the finishing process, you can wipe the finish product with a damp sponge or damp cloth while it is still wet. It is not possible to completely remove the paint, but you can at least reduce the intensity to apply a new color on top.

While finishing can be achieved using regular paint, using San Deco Decorative Finish products allows for easy application without changing the product’s texture and pattern.

The drying time may vary depending on environmental conditions, temperature, and the thickness of the product during application. During standard applications, drying can take between 24 and 48 hours in an environment of 23˚C. Drying times may be longer at higher relative humidity and lower temperatures.

By maintaining appropriate storage conditions (unpacked, avoiding a cool and dry place, preventing from frost and direct sunlight), the shelf life of the paints is between 2-3 years.

You can use Sandecoshield to protect your surfaces from moisture and water damage. It exhibits high water repellency and can be applied to both interior and exterior water-based topcoat paints as well as effect paints. Sandecoshield enables you to use all other San Deco products in areas that meet water.

The retouching process may vary depending on the products in the effect paint category. To get detailed technical information on a product basis, you can contact our customer services or see the technical documents.

San Deco is incorporating production policies that are sensitive to nature and do not harm human health. Our products do not cause any harm to health or the environment. All our water-based products have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) rate.

If the paint or its derivatives are accidentally swallowed, the patient should not be encouraged to vomit, and the nearest hospital or health institution should be immediately consulted.

Since the thickness of the effect paints is greater than that of plain paints, adhesion may occur as they overlap. It is essential to start and finish quickly, ideally with more than one person. During the application process, it should proceed without interruption, aiming to complete as much of a single wall as possible.

First, eliminate any moisture. It is not appropriate to paint on damp surfaces without identifying the cause of the issue. It is more efficient to locate the source of moisture (e.g., water) and address it correctly before beginning the paint application.

We hold TSE certificates for our products in accordance with TS 5808, TS 7847, TS EN 13744, and TS EN 1504-2 standards. Our water-based paints have low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, and our company is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 integrated system certificates.

In our product categories, you can easily apply products such as Sandeco Art, Atracto, and Arista, as well as functional product groups like Writewall, Sandeco Magnetic, San Deco Chalkboard, and San Deco Projector. However, dexterity and expertise may be required for specific product categories.

To repaint a wall previously painted with a plain color, you need to apply a transformative primer (Deco Primer) before applying the effect paint. However, if there are any imperfections on the wall, you should identify and correct them before applying the transformative primer.

There may be several reasons, primarily:

  • The application may have been made without cleaning the painted floor (the floor should be cleaned from factors such as dirt, rust, and oil).
  • The wall may be getting moisture, and necessary ground checks should be performed.
  • Painting may have been done without using a primer, or a suitable primer for the product may not have been used.
  • Reasons such as applying the products repeatedly during the plaster, paint, and primer drying stages before the products dry may cause blistering or non-adhesion.
  • Applying the topcoat paint directly without using a transparent primer on the satin plaster surface.
  • Creating a shiny film-like layer on the surface by applying a transparent primer to the plastered surfaces.

Cleaning the paint while it is wet is not recommended since it may promote more dispersion and penetration into the cloth.

The A+ label certifies that a product produces very low indoor emissions. It is determined based on the results of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission tests conducted in accordance with the ISO 16000 standard series. The label categorizes products with emission classifications (A+, A, B, and C). The ‘A+’ classification indicates extremely low emissions, signifying the absence of potentially harmful volatile components. This certification is awarded to construction materials that prioritize environmental friendliness and contribute to a healthy indoor living environment in settings such as homes, workplaces, offices, schools, hospitals, and more. This declaration holds validity in all European countries adhering to the ISO 16000 Indoor Air Quality Standar

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