This steel paint spatula can be used both to take the paint/product from its box onto the trowel and to clean the product residues on the trowel. It can also be used as a trowel for the detailed work on the wall.

The corners of the steel part are rounded so that the tip is not sharp and dangerous and it is easy to use.

Thanks to its plastic handle, the rounded spatula is very light. It is very comfortable to grip and move by hand.

Like all Sandeco products, this steel paint spatula is designed for an easier use by a painter.

There is a small place in the handle so you can hang the spatula. It is very easy to clean as it is made of polished stainless steel.

It is recommended cleaning the spatula before the materials on it dry and solidify. Since the spatula is made of stainless steel, water-based paint products can be easily cleaned with water.