While the paint is still wet, Sandeco PVC Texturing Float helps to create different textures on the top layer such as striped pattern, rock pattern, wave pattern and travertine pattern.

Thanks to its special handle and PVC cover, the texturing float is very comfortable to grip and does not sweat the hand during application. Also its light weight helps. It is very important to be able to move the hand freely while creating patterns with a texturing float. The materials have been carefully selected and the product has been specially designed so that professionals can work fast and smoothly.

It is recommended cleaning the texturing float before the materials on it dry and solidify.

If the application is being made on large surfaces, it is recommended to apply two people together. That way, while one person is painting the wall, the other person can give texture to the surface by using the Sandeco PVC Texturing Float before the paint dries.

In which process and with which product the trowel is going to be used should be considered while choosing a trowel along with its technical features.