Sandeco effect paints are attractive alternatives to traditional paint applications. Sandeco has a wide range of products which are innovative and trendy. The walls created with Sandeco effect paint rollers will be very unique.

Sandeco Special Effect Brush, which can be found in two different sizes as 70 and 120 mm, is usually used with effect paints.

There is a small place in the handle so you can hang the brush. The handle of this painting tool is raw wood. As it is wooden, it is light and easy to grip. The materials have been carefully selected and the product has been specially designed so that professionals can paint fast and smoothly.

Depending on the type of paint and effect you prefer, the use of the effect paint brush may vary. For example, with Sandeco Cometa paint, this brush can be applied to the surface. If the paint is on the brush, the brush should be used in both directions in order to spread the paint homogeneously. However, if an effect paint such as Sandeco Effect Wind is used, then Sandeco Special Effect Brush can be used to give an effect on top of the paint applied with a different brush.

With paints such as Sandeco Amarsis, Sandeco Special Effect Brush can be used both during the application process of the paint for the first time and during the finishing process.

In which process and with which product the effect paint brush is going to be used should be considered while choosing an effect brush along with its technical features.