It is a unique product in terms of its shape and function. This multi-purpose scraper with plastic handle can be used as a paint spatula and as a scraper. It is very light because its handle is plastic. This makes it easy to use and provides the ability to easily grip.

The curved side of the Sandeco Multi-Purpose Spatula – Scraper enables the oval engraving. The sharp tip of the scraper can be used to scrape paint residues on surfaces such as wood, metal and the floor. And the sharp tip of the application tool can also be used to empty the gaps in the ceramic joint. The sharp tip of the multi-purpose scraper can also be used to open paint cans.

It is recommended cleaning the spatula before the materials on it dry and solidify.

There is a small place in the handle so you can hang the multi purpose scraper. Being made of special materials, this spatula – scraper is durable.