This multi-purpose joints marker has a wooden handle and it looks like a pencil. That is why it is very light and easy to use. The materials have been carefully selected and the product has been specially designed according to the needs of professionals.

This decorative painting tool has a triangular shape at both ends. The triangular structure enables it to create trilateral shapes on the surface. There are three sharp corners at each end and they can be used to give different shapes on paint.

It allows to draw different shapes on the paint and it is preferred more for use with interior paints.

The creativity of the person using the joints marker becomes important at this point. With decorative paint application tools, a picture or a shape can be drawn, and a certain pattern can be created on the wall.

There will be a color difference in the application area beacuse of the shade. However, if desired, a paint in a different color can be applied with a thin brush on the area shaped.

San Deco Joints Marker is double-headed. So when one end is full while shaping the wall, it can easily be passed to the other side.

With paste-like products, it should be used while the paint is still wet.