Sandeco effect paints are attractive alternatives to traditional paint applications. Sandeco has a wide range of products which are innovative and trendy.

Sandeco Effect Buffer can be used as an effect paint pad for paints such as Beton Deco and Travertino. It is made of raw, wood and synthetic leather.

The surface of the buffer, which is used to give texture or effect to the paint, is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is the part that touches the paint all the time. Moreover, it does not smell over time, so it is suitable for long-term use and is very easy to clean.

The closed handle of the Sandeco Effect Buffer is wooden. It is very comfortable to grip and does not sweat the hand during application. It is very important to be able to move the hand freely while using such a special application tool. The materials have been carefully selected and the product has been specially designed so that professionals can paint fast and smoothly.

It is used as a special effect buffer while the product is still wet. For the best result, the buffer should be applied with light pressure. While the paint is still wet in pasty- like products such as Beton Deco and Travertino, the effect is given with a buffer on the last layer. Also, it can be used in the texture process with Arista effect paint.

Sandeco effect buffer can be dipped directly into the paint and applied to the wall by pressing it with the product in a liquid consistency.

If the application is being made on large surfaces, it is recommended to apply two people together. That way, while one person is painting the wall with a roller, the other person can apply the effect paint pad before the paint dries.