Sandeco effect paints are attractive alternatives to traditional paint applications. Sandeco has a wide range of products which are innovative and trendy. The walls created with Sandeco effect paint rollers will be very unique.

When using Sandeco Decorative Snake Roller to apply a snake pattern on high walls, an extension handle can be used with the roller. So the snake pattern can be applied on large surfaces in high walls.

At first, primer is applied for paste-like paints. Once the primer dries, paint can be applied to the wall with a different trowel, roller or brush. When the paint is still wet, Sandeco Decorative Roller Snake is used upon the paint. Thus, the snake pattern on the roller starts to appear on the wall. Then the paint is left to dry.

For liquid paints in the plain paint group, primer can be applied to the surface first. After the primer dries, paint is applied on it. While the paint on the wall is still wet, the Sandeco Decorative Roller Snake is dipped into the selected plain paint and applied. If you want the snake pattern to be in a different color, the roller can be dipped in a different color paint and applied to the wall after the underlying colored paint dries. So, the bottom color and the top pattern color will be different.

It can be used with effect paints such as Beton DecoObiante, TravertinoMarmorosso Marmorino to give an effect to the surfaces.

In which process and with which product the roller is going to be used should be considered while choosing an effect roller along with its technical features.