The small rectangular holes at both sides of the Pvc Hanger are used to hang the hanger itself on a stand. Sandeco steel trowels with open handles can be hung from their wooden handles on the oval section in the middle of the Pvc Hanger. It is made of Pvc which makes it easier to carry the steel trowels.

The materials have been carefully selected and the product has been specially designed to accelerate all application stages.

The special wooden handle and stainless steel materials used in Sandeco Steel Trowels are durable. However, one of the most important factors affecting the life of trowels is keeping them clean.

It is recommended cleaning the trowel before the materials on the trowel dry and solidify. Pvc Hanger will also allow you to keep your trowel safely until the next time you need it.

After washing the steel trowel, it can be hung on the Pvc Hanger and left to dry. Since the trowel is stainless and the PVC hanger is plastic, they will not leave any traces.