Why Choose Venetian Plaster?

5 Reasons to Transform Your Walls


Venetian plaster is a classic, timeless material. It's a great choice for finishing walls because it's both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Here are five reasons to use Venetian plaster in your home!

1. Absorbs CO2:

Venetian plaster, made from fired limestone and water, absorbs CO2 from the air, turning back into limestone over time. This process strengthens your walls while reducing CO2 levels, making it a win-win for the environment and your home. Visit our website to learn how you can transform your walls with San Deco's Italian plaster finish.

2. Regulates Humidity:

Despite its hardness, Venetian plaster is breathable. It allows moisture to escape, preventing humidity buildup. Even in bathrooms, it dries quickly, helping to maintain a cooler, less humid home environment.

3. Mold & Mildew Prevention

Venetian plaster's alkaline nature acts as a natural fungicide. Its high pH level prevents mold and mildew, keeping your walls looking fresh and clean.

4. Odorless

Unlike chemically-produced paint, Venetian plaster is made from natural ingredients like lime and marble dust, making it odorless. You can move into your freshly plastered home without waiting for any foul smells to dissipate.

5. Low-Maintenance:

Cleaning Venetian plaster is a breeze – just wipe with a damp cloth. For deeper scuffs, a piece of mineral wool will do the trick. Adding a wax finish can repel dirt, reducing maintenance even further.


Boost your home with the timeless elegance of Venetian plaster and enjoy these incredible benefits! For more details, visit San Deco.




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