5 Things to Know About Venetian Polished Plaster You Wouldn't Find Anywhere Else


If you are looking to add style to your living space or office or transform your kitchen into a work of art, Venetian polished plaster is the perfect choice. Here are five unique things about Venetian polished plaster that you won't find anywhere else:

Beautiful Finish

Venetian polished plaster provides an affordable alternative to marble or natural stone. It delivers a stunning, lustrous finish that rivals the beauty of more expensive materials, making it a cost-friendly option for homeowners.


This plaster is incredibly durable, outlasting even the most tiled surfaces. It adds richness and character to any setting, ensuring your interiors look spectacular for years to come.


Venetian plaster can be applied to any pre-existing surface, including wood, brick, stone tiles, or drywall. Its various patterns and textures allow for endless design possibilities, making your walls a true work of art.

Water Repellent

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and showers, this plaster is water repellent, preventing water damage to your ceilings and floors. It's perfect for areas that are frequently exposed to moisture.


San Deco Venetian plaster combines beauty, durability, versatility, water repellency, and safety, making it an excellent choice for any project. Order now.

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